Case Management

We’ll advocate for you while you’re in the hospital, a nursing facility, at medical appointments, care conferences in assisted living, on the phone with Medicare, and more. We’ll ensure that you and your family will receive the support and services you need.

Conservatorship/ Guardianship

We will ensure that the child or adult’s living situation is safe and appropriate (least restrictive environment). You can make ordinary medical care decisions and arrange for needed treatment. The child or adult’s legal rights and independence are advocated.

Power of Attorney

We will manage the filing of your tax returns and payment of your taxes and debts. We will uncover all possible creditors and existing debts. Representative payee services or daily money management is included.

Medical Power of Attorney

We will advocate for you while you are in a hospital setting, rehabilitating in a skilled facility, and when you are back home getting qualified medical assistance. We will dispute charges with medicare and private insurance when necessary.

Probate Administration

We will distribute any assets or make any distributions of bequests, whether personal or charitable in nature, as the deceased directed. Debt negotiations are managed.

Trust Administration

Your assets are taken care of for the benefit of the beneficiaries. Provision of special needs and experiences for adults with disabilities is included. You can make prudent investments and financial decisions.

We Assure You that You Will Always Have

Peace of Mind